The Profit Potential

“The only part of the economy that generates new output are start-up companies. The Fortune 500 have generated net negative jobs over the last 30 years. It's start-up companies that are 0.2 percent of GDP that have generated 17.8 percent of economic output. That's where we've got to be investing.”
~ Juan Enriquez , Harvard MBA, Founding Director of the Life Sciences Project

This means that the startups that do not fail generally profit immensely. This, of course, is precisely why people invest into startup companies.

What if you had an exclusive business model that funds the winning startup companies and allows you to avoid the ones that fail? What if you could own 5-10% of the successful startups without suffering any losses from the ones that fail?

That patented business model is The Angel Company. If you want to be a part of the Angel Company, now is the time to invest.

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